How-to: Configure Your Subaru EyeSight Settings

There's nothing quite like the peace of mind you feel when driving a Subaru equipped with EyeSight Driver Assist Technology. To personalize the settings of your Subaru Outback, Legacy, Crosstrek, or Impreza equipped with EyeSight, follow the simple steps outlined in this video.

How-to: HomeLink Garage Door Pairing

Programming your devices to the Subaru Auto-dimming Mirror with Compass and HomeLink is easy. HomeLink allows you to integrate multiple devices easily into your vehicle and is available on all 2017 Subaru models. Watch this video to see how you can easily pair your garage door opener or gate opener to your Subaru.

How-to: Use Your SUBARU STARLINK Listening Apps

With SUBARU STARLINK, your favorite listening apps are always within reach. Watch this video to learn how you can stream great listening content to any new Subaru model equipped with STARLINK from apps like Pandora, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, Aha, and more.

How-to: Bluetooth Set-up and Pairing

Learn how to pair your phone to your Subaru so you can enjoy all the convenience and safety of Bluetooth, including placing and receiving hands-free phone calls, and even hands-free messaging.

How-to: Date and Time Settings

Like all of the useful interior technology inside your Subaru, the clock is user-friendly and intuitive. To set the clock to the correct time in your Subaru Forester, WRX or Crosstrek Hybrid, simply follow the easy steps outlined in this video.